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Precision Injection Molding Customer Satisfaction Survey


1. What is your overall Satisfaction Rating?

2. Are you satisfied with the amount of contact you have with our sales staff?

3. Is our Sales Staff responsive?

4. Are you satisfied with the level of technical and engineering support you receive?

5. Does our "On Time" delivery meet your needs?

6. How does our service compare to similar suppliers?

7. Do the manufacturing technologies we provide meet your needs?

8. Does our product quality comply with your product (s) form, fit and function requirements?

9. How does our quality compare with other supplies?

10. How do you rate your satisfaction with product/component price relative to service and product quality?

11. Will you place new projects with us in the future?

12. How do you rate your overall perception of Precision Injection Molding and the services provided to you?

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