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Insert Molded Titanium Contacts.
Insert Molded Titanium Contacts.
Blade Driver For Eyesight Correction Surgery. Medical Device Application.
Precision Skateblade
Precision Injection Medical Device
Precision Injection Enclosure

Injection Molding Services…

Injection molding is the perfect way to achieve complex parts at low cost. PRECISION offers the perfect molding service for all your molding needs…

  • Single shot molding
  • Multi shot molding
  • Insert molding
  • Silicone (thermoset) molding
  • Micro molding
  • Tight Tolerance molding

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Contract Manufacturing Solutions…

You have a product or an idea for a product….You need it manufactured….You need a partner that will get the job done to specification, on time and on budget. PRECISION Injection Molding will get the job done. Providing a multi capability Contract Manufacturing service and Injection Molding service allows us to provide you with as much support as you require. Such a complete service provider allows you to focus on other priorities with the peace of mind knowing your interests are in good and reliable hands.

In addition to solutions we provide options….Options to make product in North America or Asia. Furthermore you have the choice to transfer a project from North America to Asia or the other way around subject to needs. If you already have product manufactured in Asia but are not realizing the savings you expected because of quality problems, poor communication or delivery issues we can transfer the project either to our partners in Asia or to our North American facility.  Allow PRECISION the opportunity to evaluate your project and your needs and we will define a manufacturing plan that solves your problems and helps you realize your goals.

Please visit the Technology page to see a list of capabilities.

Supply Chain Management Service….

Supply chain management is a vital component of a project’s success. PRECISION has a proven track record of managing its resources and delivering projects successfully. Allow us to present a few of our numerous success stories and we are confident you will agree that our disciplined approach and attention to detail generates success where others have failed. If you have experienced difficulties communicating with your supplier in China, have ever been told “no problem” yet problems continue to persist PRECISION can bring about a difference you will find refreshing.

Rapid prototyping Service….

The rapid prototyping process is an excellent way to validate a design and determine the market feasibility of a project.  PRECISION provides  the largest array of rapid prototyping services including: Stereo Lithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Objet 3D Printing, FDM Printing and metal 3D printing in SLS and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). Our goal is make sure you have the right and best models upon which sound decisions can be made.

MoldFLow analysis of injection molded parts….

Injection molds are expensive items. It is important to know ahead of making the mold that parts can be produced that meet your expectation. PRECISION undertakes this computer analysis free of charge and based on the results will help you bring about appropriate design changes for optimum results.

Service, Solutions…make PRECISION your “TurnKey” service and solutions provider….

Injection molding, contract manufacturing, engineering support,  supply chain management, it all adds up to being a “turnkey” solutions provider. If you need some of our services or just one service call us and join our valued group of satisfied customers.

If you haven’t found the service you need from our web site simply call us to see if we we have the particular service you need, we really are a one stop service supplier. Click on the Contact Us tab and call us now.