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PRECISION expertise: The Supply Chain.

Precision thanks the Health Care workers who have valiantly carried us through Covid 19.  Also thanks to the food and service workers for keeping us fed, the trades who keep it working, and drivers for keeping it moving!
  • PRECISION is a provider of components necessary to support First Responders and Health Care Workers.
  • PRECISION is an essential service.
  • We thank our staff, customers and vendors for their dedication to protocol, allowing efficient operation.
  • We can help manage your internationally sourced projects. 
  • We can on shore components to reduce supply chain risk.
Precision is proud of how our dedicated employees and expertise have met the challenges of 2020-21.  We see a bright future and appreciate the valued relationships with our Customers and Vendors.All the best to your continued success.
Insert Molded Titanium Contacts.
Insert Molded Titanium Contacts.
Blade Driver For Eyesight Correction Surgery. Medical Device Application.
Precision Skateblade
Precision Injection Medical Device
Precision Injection Enclosure

Molding and More ...

… so much more. In addition to single, multi-shot and insert injection molding, Precision provides design, computer simulation analysis, additive prototyping & mold making services.  Precision manages a comprehensive range of manufacturing capabilities in North America and Asia.  Whatever you need, Precision has it covered.


We are available 8:00 am to 4:00 pm PST Monday to Friday.


Product design, project planning, resource management are among the important skills required by your contract manufacturer

PRECISION will help you realize your most challenging product design ideas. PRECISION’s skills, creativity, knowledge and project management process are how we deliver on our commitment to you. Here are a few of the critical tasks that we can assist with: