High Quality Manufacturer

PRECISION Injection Molding is a proven high quality manufacturer. PRECISION has a reputation of providing detailed, efficient service and exceptional product quality, even when products have exacting design and functional requirements.  Our efforts to continuously improve all aspects of our business has taken our record of customer acceptance to over 99.85%.

PRECISION and our supply chain fully respects and complies with ISO 9001 and other industry recognized guidelines.  However we know that simply adhering to such standards is not sufficient. and require an empowered team who are responsible for all stages of the design and manufacturing process.  PRECISION’s cost effective and timely processes focus all to “get it right the first time”.

PRECISION has reached an exceptional manufacturing standard not only at its North American facility in Langley BC,  but also at our manufacturing partners in Asia.  Our experience in all aspects of manufacturing, quality and supply chain management provides you, our customer, with the peace of mind you need.

Our Quality Policy…

PRECISION Injection Molding is committed to providing designs, manufactured products and services that comply consistently with customers’ contract and specification requirements, at the expected cost with on-time delivery.

PRECISION Injection Molding believes that the responsibility for manufacturing quality products requires the full commitment of each and every employee.  The product realization process begins with contract review, continues through the design & development process and throughout manufacturing.  Our experienced craftsmen and well trained production staff fully accept the responsibility for building quality into every product manufactured by PRECISION Injection Molding Inc.

PRECISION Injection Molding Quality Assurance is established by formal written procedures, competent personnel, and sufficient inspection throughout all phases of the work.  Every effort is made to ensure prompt detection of discrepancies, to ensure timely corrective action is taken, and to ensure effective preventative measures are implemented.

A high quality manufacturer does not rest on the past!  Our philosophy of “if you are not moving forward you are going backwards” drives us to constantly look for ways to improve. Therefore continuous improvement is at the center of our culture. Improved service, quality and cost efficiency for you, are our ultimate goals.