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Products and Projects

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Insert Molded Titanium Contacts.
Insert Molded Titanium Contacts.
Blade Driver For Eyesight Correction Surgery. Medical Device Application.
Precision Skateblade
Precision Injection Medical Device
Precision Injection Enclosure
Marine Electrical Device. Glass Filled Polycarbonate.
Marine electrical device. Glass filled polycarbonate.
Precision Marine Switch
Electrical switch. Manufactured using domestic and international facilities
Precision Injection Medical Deviice
Innovative Reciprocating Saw Shroud for surgeries. Part design & material selection. Support through to manufactured product.
Portable Tourniquet Controller
Portable Tourniquet Controller
CNC Machined And Plated Electrical Contacts. Electrical Application.
CNC machined and plated electrical contacts. Electrical application.
Precision Injecion Heat Valve
Design and manufacture of molded components. State of the art in-floor heating control system.
Blade Driver For Eyesight Correction Surgery. Medical Device Application.
Blade Driver for eyesight correction surgery. Medical device application.
Precision Consumer Product
Seed planting Tool. Turnkey project including, design, manufacturing, packaging and logistics.
Circuit Board With LED
Miniature printed circuits boards complete with LED and switch. Sophisticated Medical device component.
Video Surveillance Housings and Lens
Insert Molded Titanium Contacts.
Insert molded titanium contacts.
Precision Molded Optical Lens Holder.
Precision molded optical lens holder.
Stamped And Plated Hinge Components.
Stamped and plated hinge components.
Precision Splicing Nut
Splicing nut, designed for marine.
Pad Printing, Multicolour.
Pad printing, multicolour.
Precision Fibre Optic Connectors.
Precision fibre optic connectors.
Metal Insert Molded Valve Component.
Metal insert molded valve component.
Polyurethane Straps And Binding Bodies.
Polyurethane Straps and Binding Bodies.
Water Purifying Device Involving Insert Molding And Ultrasonic Welding.
Water purifying device involving insert molding and ultrasonic welding.
Medical, Drug Infusion Device. Involving Tight Tolerance Molding And High End Engineering Materials.
Medical, drug infusion device. Involving tight tolerance molding and high end engineering materials.
Gourmet Coffee Filter, Super Fine Mesh, Insert Molded.
Gourmet Coffee Filter, Super fine mesh, insert molded.
Precision Injection Ankle Therapy Device.
Ankle strengthening therapy device.
Child Resistant Fuel Bottle Cap.
Child resistant fuel bottle cap.
Water Filter End Caps Made From Glass Filler PPO And Polyurethane.
Water filter end caps made from glass filler PPO and Polyurethane.
Autolock Window Lock Involving Die Casting, Stamping, Painting Processes.
Autolock window lock involving die casting, stamping, painting processes.
Machined And Plated Metal Parts.
Machined and plated metal parts.
High Tensile Nylon Cable Straps.
High tensile Nylon cable straps.
Metal Hooks
Trachea spreader leg components made by the Metal Injection Molding process. Medical device application.
Medical, Tourniquet Device. Nylon And Acetal Components
Medical, tourniquet device. Nylon and Acetal components
Avionic Device. Insert Molded Threaded Inserts And Silver Plated Contacts
Avionic device. Insert molded threaded inserts and silver plated contacts
Enclosure. Blood Pressure Monitor.
Enclosure. Blood pressure monitor.
Medical Device. 2 Shot Molding, Multiple Tight Tolerance And Insert Molded Components.
Medical device. 2 shot molding, multiple tight tolerance and insert molded components.
Medical, Laparoscopic Device. Precision Molded Parts.
Medical, laparoscopic device. Precision molded parts.
Single Cup Gourmet Coffee Filter.
Single cup gourmet coffee filter.
Printed Circuit Board Assembly.
Printed Circuit Board Assembly.
Medical, Treacheostomy Device Complete With Metal Injection Molded Spreader Legs
Medical, Treacheostomy device complete with Metal Injection Molded spreader legs
Precision Molded Enclosure.
Precision molded enclosure.
Stamped And Die Cast Parts.
Stamped and Die Cast parts.
CNC Machined Stainless Steel. Electrical Application.
CNC machined Stainless Steel. Electrical Application.