What is PRECISION’s history?

PRECISION Injection Molding was founded in 1996. Under the guidance of the two co-founders, Jim Hutchison and Paul M. Tontsch, the company has grown from a regional supplier to a respected global manufacturer. The two owners remain an integral part of daily operations and will continue to guide the company toward further business development like using different SEO techniques to improve traffic on our business website, why not find out more about it here, and will further strengthen its manufacturing capabilities, both domestic and Asian.

What is PRECISION’s purpose?

Purpose comes from knowing what you excel at…. PRECISION has a exceptional history of satisfying its small to medium sized customers’ who want and need the service the bigger companies get. PRECISION listens well and responds accordingly.

Customers asked PRECISION to provided more and more services and to deliver finished product. In response we set about establishing manufacturing partnerships in North America and Asia. This resulted in a qualified global network of resources that can support almost every need.

In an increasingly competitive environment PRECISION delivers exceptional parts and products at competitive prices.

Where is PRECISION heading?

Although PRECISION has a core business plan the company will continue to do the things that got the company to where it is today…it will respond to what its customers require of it.

Additionally, the company will continue to focus on quality and cost effectiveness as it strives to reach the unattainable goal of perfection in all aspects of its business and operations.